XFX / EVGA 780i CPU fan speed control?

Hi all,

I recently swapped out a Asus P5N-T for a XFX 780i to enable a better o/c with my Q9550. Bought a scythe slipstream 1900RPM 110CFM fan for my CPU cooler and it is a little loud at full whack! I wanted to control it on temp via the mobo but enabling smartfan on the cpu does nothing. It still runs 1900/2000RPM.
I am guessing this is because it is a 3pin fan connected to a 4pin PWM socket. On my old board there was an option to control the fan speed either by voltage or PWM, I obviously need voltage with my 3pin slipstream but I cannot find any such option on the XFX. Any ideas?

BTW I am running BIOS P08, latest I think.
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  1. you can use Speedfan to make the 4pin Pwm output DC instead... (its PWM 2, the others dont "work" as it will change the Cpu 4Pin from Pwm to DC as if you did it on Pwm 2) but if useing a stock intel cooler, DC will make it run 100% all the time as Pwm Fnas runs at 12V all the time, regardless of the fan speed.

    im haveing the exact opposite issue as you, as i cant probberly control the 3Pin fan outputs as DC (i can but its noisy as Pwm dont work well with DC fans)
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