Hard drive graphical error?

My boyfriends computer has been having some wierd error the last few days. The computer just freezes up with a wierd screen, usually green or red with some pattern all over it. He has to shut it off and if he waits long enough, it will restart. If he restarts right away, it won't load Windows. Sometimes the red light that says the computer is thinking won't even come on and nothing is displayed on the screen. He has XP Media Center Home, SP3, and a 7800GTX video card. Could it be a hard drive issue or is it the video card? A few months back we took it to Geek Squad and they said the HD was bad, so we bought a new one and brought it home to replace it ourselves. After several failed attempts, he took it to a computer guy who said the HD was fine and got it up and running again. Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!
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  1. I would make sure your card or being properly cooled. Things like this happen with bad cooling.

    Can you (google and download) run HWMonitor, and tell us how hot the card is running?
  2. I would also assume temperature issue. GPUZ will monitor GPU temps. d/l and run that. while running a bench mark 3D MArk 06 for example, check the temps. 80c and you will have found your issue
  3. He is going to get a can of air before we start it back up and download the HWMonitor. We've had the computer for 3.5 years now and it's never run smooth. It was custom built and maybe the components just don't work well together. Who knows. But it's been somewhat trouble free for the last few months, despite letting Geek Squad touch it haha.
  4. Never touch Geek Squad.

    "Hello sir, what seems to be the problem?"
    "My Hard Drive is dying."
    "Sir, your processor is quite outdated. Would you consider this one?"
    "No, my hard-drive is dying. I need a new one."
    "For your configuration, I recommend this HDD *Points to most expensive hard drive*. We will be glad to install it for you for an extra $50."
  5. We took both our PCs to them, sadly. $130 to remove malware from mine, then they wanted to reinstall windows for $150 more. I told em no thanks. Then the CD-Rom didn't want to open. His, they said did something once back in August of last year, I don't even remember what. Then supposedly the HD was bad, so they sold him another one. They were upset that he didn't want a super expensive one. Then he had the issues formatting it, so he took it to someone else who got the PC working with the old HD. We learned a costly lesson. Oh, did I mention we have to use a paperclip to open his DVD-Rom? Per their suggestion when we took it back and said fix it you broke it.
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  7. Update: he got the air and cleaned it out. It's been off for awhile now. He started it up, downloaded HWMonitor, and it did it again after being on like 5 minutes.
  8. HWMonitor shows the GPU temp at 69c. HD at 39c. Not sure if that will go up as time goes by but that's what it is after like 5 minutes. He's going to update the NVidia drivers and start up the game to see if it changes it.
  9. It hit 78c after he started the game. He reconnected a fan inside, maybe that will help. He noticed it got really choppy as the temp went up. Any other advice?
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