Run a DLL as an App

please help me
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  1. kai_02 said:
    please help me

    Be specific as to what you want, and I will try.
  2. dll files are components of a program, not a program themselves.
  3. I don't think he's talking about opening a *.dll file.

    You mean the Run DLL as an App has encountered a problem, need to close, bla, bla bla...error, don't you?

    That's usually related to the Control panel but it can be related to something else to, like opening a program or can even pop up when U open Windows, as far as I know...

    So, where does it pop up ? :??: More info!!!

    It's usually related to Windows rundll32 or it could be a virus.
    1. Check your Task manager procesess tab when this error happens.
    2.Look first in Start > Run>msconfig at startup and at services for weird names or rundl (with 1 L) and uncheck it.
    3.Give your Pc a scan with Malwarebytes
    4. Try a System restore.

    Hope it helps! :hello:
  4. kai_02 said:
    please help me
  5. run a dill as an app
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