Intsalling both DDR and SDRAM fried mobo?

I have a Shuttle AK32A mobo. I used years ago, and today pulled it out of it's box to see if it still worked. As I was assembling it, I put a 512mb stick of RAM in 1 of the 2 DDR slots, and a 256mb and 64mb in both the SDRAM slots. When I booted it, I got no beeps, no display, no nothing. Is this because the RAM? Will it ever work again?

Don't laugh at me.

EDIT: I have an Nvidia GeForce 6200 and an AMD Athlon XP 200+. PSU is 500W and working.
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  1. from the Shuttle website:

    Can I install DDR and SDR SDRAM together on this mainboard?

    No. since there is a voltage difference between DDR and SDR SDRAM, using DDR in conjunction with SDR SDRAM may cause permanent damage to both mainboard and memory used.
  2. So, it's fried?
  3. maybe resetting the BIOS and trying one type at a time
  4. I will try it. Is there a possibility that it also fried the CPU?
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