What 1 graphics card should i get to run Bf3 on ultra settings?

I was looking at the GTX 590, but no one seems to sell it, and i would prefer to get it from newegg. I'm new to computer building and i need a graphics card for my first build. Screen resolution is 1920 x 1080, and my budget for the card is $600, i figure with that i should be able to get the best there is.
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  1. The GTX590 is unnecessary to run BF3 at ultra. A GTX580 will do the job, or if you'd like to look to Ati/AMD then theres the HD78xx, HD79xx and HD69xx cards.
  2. I would say a 7870 seeing as it would outperform the 580. However wait and see tomorrow to see the specs on the new 6xx series and see what they are offering.
  3. 7970 for AMD would fit the bill right now...

    i prefer nvidia myself and would say either a GTX 580 or wait until the 6 series like ksmacker says... theyre callled Kepler and should be out any day now...
  4. The new GTX680 is out on Newegg for $500. You got the cash so that will do everything you want and much much more.
  5. GTX 680 is faster than HD7970 in BF3. And it's also cheaper, less power consumption too.

  6. ^+1 gtx 680!
  7. The GTX680 rocks, if your CPU won't be bottlenecked.

    The benchmarks seem to indicate that the GTX680 is getting between 50% and 100% improvements over an HD5870 (depending on the game).

    I was on the fence until I read through some reviews and provided this is all true (I believe so) the GTX680 hits everything I hoped for and more, such as:

    1) Improved Anti-Aliasing
    2) Power efficient (cool and quiet)
    3) PhysX v3 hardware (for full PhysX support with future PhysX v3 titles)
    4) adaptive VSYNC (prevent stuttering when games drop below 60FPS with VSYNC ON).
    5) GPU Boost
    6) THREE +ONE monitor support (3 for gaming plus 1 non-gaming. Although you'd likely want SLI for this)

    *THE ONLY thing I could even find that AMD might be better at was the HD7xxx series can disable all but the main card when in Crossfire almost completely (and the 2nd GPU for the dual-GPU card).

    I'm not saying the GTX680 can't do this; I just saw no information on this.

    **Bottom line is that this card is really awesome. Unless AMD drops its prices on competing cards it's a no-brainer.
  8. Get the gtx 680 man if you got the money but i dont think your resolution is too demanding. I think 7870 is good enough. Might be worth waiting for gtx 670 or maybe even gtx660. But if you are in a hurry and got the money, get gtx 680.
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