Help needed for next build!

Approximate purchase date: within this month

Budget range: ~2000ish After Rebates (could go somewhat higher)

System usage from most to least important: Gaming(mostly) and watching 1080p movies (later use: video encoding)

Parts not required: GPU, Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard, Mouse, Hard Drives

Preferred website(s) for parts: or any other great websites

Country of origin: Canada, more specifically Toronto

Parts preferences: Intel CPU, Full-Tower Case

Overclocking: Maybe


Monitor resolution: 1920x1200

Additional comments: Trying to replace my almost two year old build. Debating on whether I should be getting a second GTX 280 or just staying with a single and then either getting a second or upgrading to a 300 series later on.

Was thinking of getting the following things:

CPU: i7 860 or 920
RAM: Unsure (6GB Min.)
M/B: Asus P6T
Tower: Cooler Master HAF 932/Thermaltake Armor
OS: Windows 7
CPU Cooler: Unsure
PSU: Unsure (800w for two 280s?)

Post what else you think I should be getting or what I should be getting instead!
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  1. Almost certain that I will be going with a second GTX 280.
    Thoughts on 860 over 920? And RAM suggestions would be great. :x
  2. could you list what you already have please
  3. I already have a Samsung T260 (25.5"), GTX 280, 700W PSU (Will probably get an 800W with the two 6-pin and two 8-pin needed), G15 Keyboard, G5 Mouse, Logitech speakers, and four HDDs.
  4. Planning on getting a new DVD Drive too.
  5. honestly id ditch the 280 deal and get something that supports DX11 unless u wanna buy a 280 sli it and then in a year and a half buy a DX11 card
  6. Was thinking between the OCZ Platinum/Gold and the Corsair Dominator. Would the OCZ Platinum be the best choice?
  7. Been reading about problems with the OCZ Platinum memory with the P6T not being able to use all three sticks.

    For a PSU I was looking at the Antec 850W Modular and Corsair 850W.
  8. just go i920 ( better ) , ocz platinum is much cheaper without giving up and performance (better ) , get a dx11 card sell hte old card to grab 1 ,trust me u dont wanna be without 1 .
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