How are refurb hdds reliability

My 2 month old hitachi sata3 1.5 tb drive developed bad sectors and I had to RMA it. What I got back is a refurb hdd. Can I trust this drive like a new drive ? Are these refurbs comparable to new ones ? This is my only sata3 drive and want to use it as main drive (not storage).
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    A Refurbished product is literally "A defective/broken product returned by the customer and brought back to manufacture settings and standards through testing, verification and repair(s)".

    I personally rarely buy any refurbished products and HDDs is not one of them! I can guarantee you refurbished products on average has a higher failure rate than retail, how much higher? that's anyone's guess. Certain products such as HDDs and SSDs can have unpredictable lifespans, it's unlikely but it happens - they can last 5 minutes to 5 years. The fact it's refurbished definitely isn't helping your cause, I would contact customer service and politely pester them to get that resolved. Better to invest an hour on the phone with customer service than risking a higher likelihood of losing your data.


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  2. My 6 month old Samsung 2 TB 5400 rpm hdd had burnt chip. And Samsung replaced it with a new one.
    I won't use this as my main drive, thanks.
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