Whats going on with the graphic cards

hey iv been out for a while and i thought the 5 series cards were suppose to be around 300 or more dollars but iv seen the 5770 for 180, can someone inform me what happened since i have not been keeping up with all that stuff.
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  1. It's just ATI's price-to-performance scaling. Lower performance, lower price.

    HD4850 = HD5750
    HD4870 = HD5770
    HD4850x2 = HD5850
    HD4870x2 = HD5870
  2. And DX11 in the 5000 series, of course. And lower power.
  3. The replacement for the 4870 is the 5870($400)
    The replacement for the 4850 is the 5850($300)
    The replacement for the 4770 is the 5770($175)
    The new addition is the 5750($145)

    If you read this article it should tell you most of what you need to know and their relative performance and power usage.
  4. Read review for 5 series cards on tom's.
  5. k thanks guys and well i got a 4850 1gb right now and im thinkin in upgrading in some time so which one would be better the 4890 or 5770? as i believe both of them have the same core clock at 850mhz
  6. 4890 is significantly faster than 5770.
    In fact a 5770 is equivalent or slightly less powerful than 4870.
  7. The 4890 till beat out the 5770 everytime. The memory bus on a 5770 is only 128bit compared to the 4890 at 256bit. However, the 5770 is DX11 and the 4890 is DX10.1. So it is your call. I'd honestly take the 4890 for the better performance.
  8. It runs hotter, louder and uses alot more power, doesnt have DX11 and has no new driver updates regarding improvements.
    jay, have you seen the cat betas for december? [H] used them on 1 game, 20% improvement
  9. JAYDEEJOHN said:

    jay, have you seen the cat betas for december? [H] used them on 1 game, 20% improvement

    I have not, show me, show me, show me! :bounce:
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