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Sounds and Audio Devices

Hey guys. Today I reinstalled my windows XP professional 2002 ps3 for the very first time and I'm trying to do something with my sounds audio device drivers for like 7-8 hours without any results. Seems like all other drivers are okay, but this one.. I can't understand.

I already tried realtek and many other driver things to download> install> restart PC and had no results. I don't know if it matters, but I don't have sounds icon to use in my toolbar (had master volume before). When using ctrl panel> speech> audio output, it says "there are no audio output devices currently installed on your machine".
Tried something like changing my getting specific driver for sp2, then changing some numbers (I can't remember the place, but that number is required for other sp) to 200 (because sp3 has 300, sp 2 - 200) and downloading the driver. After installing it, changed number back to 300 and did restart (I found this "trick" in one of many forums).
There are some screenshots of my sounds and audio devices file:

Thanks for anything helpful.
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  1. Seems like I can't edit my message, so just adding something in new message:
    I have all windows updates downloaded. Like, every single update on custom section.
  2. Install the chipset drivers now. They are on the CD that came with the motherboard.

    Install the SMBus controller driver next. They too are on the CD that came with the motherboard.

    The actual sound driver goes in next.

    The Audio Device on HD bus will go in after the SMBus is working. It is part of SP3 now.

    The other items might be identified or go in with the chipset drivers.

    Keep us informed.

  3. Good morning. Seems like I'm not able even to post on forums, so decided to Pm you. Anyway. Most of my drivers in cd's are lost. Mainly because my PC is already for like 7 years in my home. Most of the drivers are outdated anyway, so I'm just trying to google them. Talking about your idea, I may be dumb, but couldn't understand the "chipset drivers" part. Somewhere I found that smbus is one of the chipset drivers and so on. Anyway, some results:

    Tried just installing things in the second link, then looked on forum and did the same thing that guy explained in steps (1st link). Well, at least I .rared downloaded files and tried to install through computer management (like, not all at once -.- ). I still don't know if I should keep looking for smbus before installing audio device, or the very first step is chipset drivers. Ahh, I'm raw.
  4. Why can't I edit my post? It's awkward to watch me failing with pasting. Wasn't able to do both - pm you or add another post.
  5. Lucke said:
    Why can't I edit my post? It's awkward to watch me failing with pasting. Wasn't able to do both - pm you or add another post.

    No PM's arrived here. What's the make & model of the computer? Sometimes we can find the correct drivers location for you to download and install. Your second link looks good, if it is truly for your computer.

    If you just got up then expect a good 8 hr delay from me. I've been up all night and it's almost time for me to disappear for awhile.

    The edit button is the left one above the reply button. (your's might not work)
  6. Okay. I'm don't really know too much about computers, but I hope this will be helpful in any way: .
  7. Good show of information. :)


    Click the "Downloads" tab and then click the OS choice box and select XP if that is what it is running.

    Expand the chipset, click the middle "Global" download site and the chipset drivers will download.

    Expand the Audio, click the middle "Global" download site for the first drivers (Version ).

    Expand the USB and click the middle "Global" download site.

    Launch the downloaded installers, starting with the chipset drivers. the SMBus should go in automatically with the chipset drivers.

    These should get you up and running a bit better.
  8. I may suffer for this, but I did one thing on sm bus controller: . Restarted PC few times after this (because after that I tried getting realtek thingies again) and it seems like sm bus controller is gone from yellow marks. The rest is still there. Anyway, trying out your links. Gonna write my progress (at least I hope it will be a progress :) ) soon.
  9. What you did on the YouTube video was not good. It may be rectified when you run the chipset installer after downloading it.

    There are no "one size fits all" drivers. The correct drivers must be installed for the specific machine.

  10. Installed chipset without any problems but some errors such as:

    All of same errors happened intalling same thing. Anyway, after finishing it asked me to reboot, so I think it's not bad. Talking about other 2 devices:

    I still don't think usb thingie is neccessary since I can use my HDD without any problems.

    I'm starting to think about giving up, it went too far. Like, seriously. No win updates, no other solutions. Well, there are many solutions, but seems like none of them works. I guess I should try getting hacked 7 and try them on. :??:
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    Lucke said:


    I guess I should try getting hacked 7 and try them on. :??:

    That sentence terminates help at this site.

  12. Tig, for your benefit mostly, I find that when sound drivers fail to install in XP it's usually because the device has failed. A $12 sound card is usually a good solution :)
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