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Here's the page in the manual for my GA-X58A-UD5:

Although it doesn't say this, is it okay to use slots 2, 4 and 6 for just 3 sticks for testing? I want to run Memtest on 3 of my 6 sticks but I want to test them in the other slots rather than in 1, 3 and 5.

10 minutes later.....

I think I found the answer. I decided to try it. POST didn't like that at all. Lots of fun beeps and no POST. Bummer. I wanted to test those slots separately.
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  1. I'll root around in the i7 docs, but I seem to remember some kind if RAM channel initialization rules... Easiest thing, and most obvious - try it! (...and ley us know!)

    Reminds me of an anecdote: was in the back yard, listening to parents bickering about what a bird's nest in a little wooded area across the street was made out of - went on & on, for at least fifteen minutes, during which time they even hauled out a pair of binoculars - stll bickering. Finally got fed up, opened the gate, walked across the street, looked, came back - "mud and twigs!" - time investment: eighty seconds! Guess that's why I was born to be an engineer?!?[:jaydeejohn:4]
  2. See my edit in my OP. I must have put that there while you were in the middle of writing your reply. :)
  3. Well, I read it, and 'rooted around' anyhow - had to anyways to check up on some single vs dual QPI ordering rules, so figured 'while they're open' [:isamuelson:8]
    Damned if I can find it - to many docs, too old a dog [:bilbat:6], too many 'new tricks' - I'm pretty sure I saw something, somewhere, that made me say :"that's why it 'cares' now what slots are filled in what order, when it never did before!' - but I'll be dipped if I can see where... Maybe it's something in a 'whitepaper' - I've only got forty or fifty of those...[:jaydeejohn:4]
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