Little tiny server (Mac Mini Server clone)

Hi, I want to make something like a Mac Mini Server clone. Just for a basic web+mail+file server. Perhaps to stream some media, but not HD and it won't be connected to a TV or anything like that. I will run Debian Lenny for the operating system.

It doesn't need to be particularly powerful, just good enough to run a couple of low traffic static websites, a mail server for a few people, and a big-ish hard drive. The MAIN requirement is that it has to be small. Preferably as small as a Mac Mini, and thats what I'm having trouble with.
All the mini-itx cases I see are actually much bigger than a Mac Mini, any ideas on cases? It doesn't even need a CD drive.

Also, will Atom be powerful enough? I want it to be low cost and use minimal electricity, but it needs to function obviously.

Any ideas?
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  1. Here is a case that you can check out...

    Athenatech A1000BB.60 Black Steel Mini-ITX Desktop

    You would have to choose Mini-ITX mobo for your needs...And not necessarily an ATOM...
    Here are few choices for CPU + Mobo

    And just a heads-up...that case would only support 2.5" HDD I guess...
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