Ati radeon hd4870

hi! my question is this!on the hd 7840 board there are 2 power connectors and 1 for fan power!do i have to power both connectors or just one,and is the second connector for bringing juice to an second card in crossfire mode?
the (online)manual of ati sucks
by the way! no technical explaination what so ever!
i,m not connecting the card befor any solid info,otherwise i,m afraid it goes talibang on my mummyboard!lol!
:pfff: :heink: :D
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  1. Both, as I posted in your other thread. Could you go into a little more detail on the fan power part?
  2. You need to power both of those connectors, and the fan power one aswell. (Better safe then never!!)

    Hopefully your PSU has the right connectors, depending on how old it is.
  3. i only have 1 connector for the card
  4. Your PSU doesnt have enough cords for the card?
  5. yes! i was just looking for an suitable adapter to create an second cord for the card.
    and than i hope my power supply can handle it?
    otherwise....crash and burn! acourding to the manual i'm 50 watt's short
  6. How many watts is your PSU??

    and how old is it?

    Im going to need full System Specs to give you the most accurate answer.

    CPU, RAM, HDD, Motherboard, Powersupply (Wattage and brand if possible), and also the age of your computer.
  7. ife got an xpc shuttle with 450watt power supply,aproximatly a year old!
  8. Um what Model of the XPC Shuttle??

    XPC Shuttle P2 2700
  9. model sd31p
    i have in it an intel dual core 2x3000ghz
    and 2gig's of memory space (acording to the manual 2 gigs is the maximum for the mummyboard)
  10. ife got the barebone shuttle on ebay for 25 euro
    the cpu for 50 usd
    and the ati card 60 euro
    memory for 25 euro
  11. It could be very risky to run a 4870 in that computer.

    First of all, there is almost no room, and i highly doubt the card will even fit inside the computer.

    Second of all your powersupply is a risk to the computer and the card since it is 50 watts short.

    Third, heat would definitely become an issue since there is almost no airflow in that case, and with a powerful gaming card like the 4870 heat would no doubt become a problem.

    I am sorry to tell you that it is not worth the risk to install a 4870 into your computer, either get a better case/computer all together, or return your 4870.

  12. i tryed it this afternoon and its real tight with the space,but with the pushed to the back of the power supplyer it does fit!with cooling how ever,there are 3 fan's on the back that blow inside and one on the side!ife thought of getting mee an cooler with a large fan on top of power supplyer with 600watt but than i need to shorten the cradle by half a centimeter,so i was thinking more on fancontroller and set them to maximum
  13. Hmm.. your case is limiting you alot here.
    Of course if you moved your system from your shuttle case into a Cheap case that has more room.
    But I still think heat will be a huge problem, and with all the fans maxed noise will become a problem.
    Also your CPU could bottleneck the graphics card.

    But with a new Case and A better powerupply your system could be alot more feasible.

    Also, you have to remeber that all the heat from the graphics will be very close to your cpu and other essential Motherboard components.

    It is spelling disaster at the moment.
  14. wel the card is an hd card,but i think that the card it self will never work on maximum proccesing,becourse i dont have an bluray installed and the resolution will be clocked down(no use for my tv)so i hope it will give me a few degrees of advantage?
  15. i know i,m working on the edga here,but notthing is impossible!ohh i also got an
    8800 gt as an back up
  16. yeah this is just spelling disaster as Noobster15 said, dont do it

    if you can trade that card back in for a 9600GT (there are low power ones that dont require the extra 6 pin connector etc) or 4650 ATI unless someone else knows a better part

    hang on are you playing games on this rig? or just for TV?
  17. i want to play games with it mostly!i think!
    ive just read an article on this site!about the back fan's,and that they suck the air out of the shuttle,maybey turning them around would help?so lotd of cool air get's in???
  18. why not plug it in and try it out? worth a try and run a torture test too.
  19. first i need an xtra power suply for the gpu,to create that,ineed an adapter i'm sorry to say
  20. Just move all of your hardware into a new case!

    No amount of airflow can make a space that tiny work with such a powerful card. The 9600GT and the HD 4650 are still terrible ideas!! Since heat will always be an issue with discrete video cards.

    At the moment, im less worried about the powersupply being able to handle it, then the fact that you could end up wrecking your computer just from heat alone.
  21. ife turned around the 2 back fans to create cool air flow into the shuttle and i have just enough room to fit an Zalman ZM-F2 Green LED fan (92mm with 2.800 rpm)
    int the middle of the suttle!
  22. the flashing green led's looks bitchín!
    gives it an alienware touch
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