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1st Question: Due to my limited budget what card should I get
-GeForce 9800 GTX
-GeForce GTS 250 <738 MHz one>

2nd Question: I currently have a XFX 8800 GT and wish to upgrade it to the following cards I mentioned in Question 1. Luckily, I read some stuff online about a PhysX program where I am able to use 2 graphic cards regardless if its Nvidia or ATI. I'm not a computer type guy, so I'm a little out of date on this stuff lol.

IF this is true, I am able to keep my 8800 GT and still get a new card and use both of them in my computer. That's pretty awesome.

Any info regarding those questions will be useful!

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  1. Not much of an upgrade........ either of those cards. But yes, you can use the old one for physics calculations. ........ If you get older physics drivers you can use your card with an ATI card. Some people have trouble with this because nvidia put a stop to being able to do it with cards other than their own. Use 2 nvidia cards if that's what you plan on doing. Get the 250 with 1gig memory.
  2. When you say "Physics Calculations", does the card actually work in your system or just used for calculation and such. Any benefit if I use the card with a new GTS 250/9800 GTX?
  3. Buy another 8800GT/9800GT and use SLi; adding another card will outperform both the 9800GTX/+ and GTS 250 for cheaper. If you want to upgrade to a single card solution, wait to spring for a GTX 260 or better.
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