9800GT and my PSU

My question is very simple. I have this PSU:

I'm thinking about getting a 9800GT OC and I want to know if that PSU can run it.

If not can you recommend a PSU (under $50) that can?

Secondary question: does a 4870 take less power to run than a 9800GT? I know it seems like a simple question but someone told me that the 4870 actually draws less power.

Tertiary question: what is the math I need to know in order to determine myself if a PSU can handle a card?
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  1. It /should/.

    No, the 4870 requires (to my knowledge) 2x 6pins.
  2. Best answer
    Yes it can.

    Look in the specifications it says 2X 6-Pin

    and in the picture you can see both connectors.

    If you ever need to get a new PSU for under 50$ this powersupply is a much better brand.

    BFB 550 Watt Powersupply $49.99

    Trust me just because its 25watts lower does not mean its a crappier Powersupply. Better build quality and reliability.
  3. Thanks guys, very much appreciated.
  4. Hey no problem.
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