I can't install win xp on 1TB WD caviar black. need help????

I can't install win xp 64 bit os on my new 1TB WD caviar black (WD1002FAEX). Actually when i was trying to install XP on this HDD was not detecting my (WD1002FAEX) HDD. but Win 7 64 bit installed normally.
need suggestion.....
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  1. if you are in SATA/AHCI/RAID, you need drivers on a good old floppy for XP to install(hit F6 during the install).

    To get by this, you can slipstream drivers to a burned cd with windows], but it does not always work.

    IDE mode in the bios works as well, but will loose some features(NCQ, trim for SSD's ect). If you are just running a basic setup without raid or anything fancy, this may be the best option.
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