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I have an m8530f and rly want to get a new graphic card for it to replace the one that it came with.

I was thinking about getting the Nvidia 9800 GT, seems quite good.

I was also wondering if i need to upgrade my power supply in the computer, i am not tht great with all the tech specs and know what everything means.

Any suggestions on what kind of power supply i should get would also be great. thx
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  1. whats your budget for a graphics card? The 9800GT was good but it is several years old now and there may be a better option in your price range.

    Since you are only planning on getting a single card a good 500 or 550W PSU would be right for you, something like the Corsair 550VX would be a good investment and will power any single graphics card without a problem
  2. I would be willing to spend about $200 +/- 50 on a graphics card. Pretty much I want to be able to get MW2 with good settings playing smoothly and to be have WoW on max settings with good frame rate.

    As for the power supply, do they all fit in the same space ? do they all have a standard size ?
  3. Most PSUs are standard ATX, which gives them all the same dimensions. as long as you aren't buying a non-standard one, it should still fit (and providing your current case is ATX)

    if you have that budget a 5770 would be the best choice for you. a very good GPU and not too expensive. but like hunter said, see if your PSU can handle it first.
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