I5-670vrs i7 860

Intel Core i5-670 3.46GHz 4MB L3 Cache 733 73W LGA1156 vrs .Intel Core i7 Quad 860 2.8Ghz 8MB Cache 95W (LGA 1156)

which one should i choose and where can i find it the cheapest?
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  1. thats easy, 860, its faster and cheaper, only good thing about the 670 is the 32 nm.
  2. really because the we site i found these at thei5 was 410 cheaper
  3. If your applications are multi core capable, then the i7-860 will be the winner.
    If your tasks tend to be single or dual core intensive, then the i5-670 would be better.

    But... consider the i5-660, it is about $90 cheaper, and only one multiplier slower. I have been testing one for a friend who does scientific calculations, and it is a screamer. It does 2m superpi almost as fast as my overclocked i7-920.
  4. As the 860 has a very good turbo mode, with 2 cores active the frequency jumps to 3.33GHz according to reviews I've seen, so even if you only used apps optimised for dualcore *at the moment*, you'd still get great performance - so for roughly the same price it's a no-brainer to get the 860 as you get a full quad core chip.
  5. Does turbo mode kick in if you overclock?
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