Please Help Me Out

I Assemblied Myself a Computer Before One Week
Asus P7P55D LE
Intel Core i3 530
Nvidia Ge Force GTS 220
DDR3 2 x 2 Gb
750 Sata Hard Disk
An I Installed Windows Vista..

My System Hangs Very Oftenly... I Cannot Do Anything Trust In My Computer..
Screen To Be Still.. Keyboard Doesnt Work, Mouse Doesnt Work..
Even Computer Clock Stop Working And Pause At What The Time Displayed Before Hanging..
Please Help Me Out...
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  1. Check windows device manager under "system" in the control panel for any conflicts. You may also have to remove the motherboard and flip it over to see if the heatsink for the i3 is installed properly. Coretemp may also give you some cpu readings. Other possibility is a video driver problem if the freeze ups occur mostly while gaming. But a temperature issue is your most likely problem.
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