Windows won't boot after overclock!

I successfully overclocked my CPU, restarted PC now it gets past the bios screen, shows 'starting windows' screen for about 2 seconds, flashes blue screen then restarts everytime.

Any ideas how to fix this? Could it be OS corruption?

I've set bios back to default settings with no change to boot up.

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  1. When you said completed OC SUCCESFULLY, Did you test your Memory (ie use memtest86 from a Bootable CD) BEFORE restarting windows.

    It is possible that your memory was not stable with the OC and this may have corrupeted the windows file(s).

    Another possiblity - When you reset Bios Back to default - Did you recheck the BIOS setting for the HDD. This need to be the same as when windows was installed - and may NOT be the default value.
    .. Look at what it is set to IDE, AHCI, or raid. If it is set to ide, then change to AHCI and retry, if it was set to ahci, then change to IDE and retry. Neither IDE or ahci work then try Raid.

    Might be helful for others if You Identify your system, ie MB, Ram, CPU
  2. Man, I feel like a total idiot now! I thought I'd checked the HDD settings but checked again and it said 'AHCI Disabled' - changed it back to IDE and now I'm logged in.

    Thanks alot!
  3. Whenever I've had this problem before, it's said something along the lines of 'cannot find boot device' or something. Never crashed to blue screen.
  4. Don't forget, If overclocking, always check for memory errors BEFORE booting into windows. Use memtes 86. Download the ISO can put iso on CD (Use ISO function, don't just copy the ISO like a data file.

  5. Memtest86 passed but OC is unstable even at 4.6ghz. Crashes to blue screen during Prime95.
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