Compressed air fan damage?

I cleaned up the fan from outside using compressed air, before this the laptop was working fine( just was overheating) hence the cleaning of fan.. right after this i tried to power on the laptop and it does not turn on at all. no beeps, no led on, nothing.. is it may be due to the fan is damaged? question is will the laptop will not turn on at all if the fan is damaged? or did i made any loose connections? please help..its a sony vaio VGN CR series laptop..
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  1. please help me.. thank you
  2. I'm guessing you Knocked something loose. Compressed air doesn't blow hard enough to damage the fan. Even if it did damage the fan, you would still be able to power on, it would just overheat and shut down quickly.
  3. thats what i thought too, if the fan is damaged the laptop should at least boot, i mean there are no signs of power anymore almost like the power button is not working or something.. no beeps, the led does not turn on even if i put the adaptor in to charge.. should i open to see the connections? where should i look and for what? probably the first place should be near power button?
  4. Remove the screws around the panel that you sprayed the air into. Look for anything unplugged.
  5. Get it to a dealer,I think its fine...Does it has warranty?
  6. no unfortunately not... :( what should i do?
  7. It may simply be a loose wire. It's definitely worth trying to fix yourself first. Warranties don't usually cover repairs like this.
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