Help with a BFG 9800GT OC+

I have installed a BFG 9800 GT OC+ but can only boot into safe mode and VGA mode.

When trying to set it to any resolution above 640x480, 8-bit,my Princeton 17" flat screen
flashes silver briefly when loading Windows and then I get an amber power light and a black
screen. If I boot into low res. and it suggests Windows change the resolution, I get the
same thing. Same thing when running the install on the drivers. I'm thinking it's trying
a resolution the screen can't handle(?) but every time I try anything above the low res.
it goes black.
I have an ASUS P5NSLI board with an Antec 450W power supply. The power supply has a special
pigtail marked for a PCI-E card. Uh, the mobo has DDR2 memory and the video card has DDR3 memory.
I just upgraded the BIOS on the mobo with no luck and did the wiping drivers routine
with no luck

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  1. Did you connect the PCI-E 6-pin connector to the card?
  2. I connected the ne labelled from the power supply and didn't use the splitter that came with the card.
  3. Can you get it to run with another card? Try uninstalling the nVidia drivers completely before reinstalling them.
  4. It had a 7600 in it before. I'm trying to upgrade to the 9800GT
  5. Ok I've gone through the whold procedure about deleting uninstalling the drivers and then deleting registry entries, emptying the \prefetch and \tempt folders but no luck.

    sorta....sent it back to get an exchange
  7. I have the same card and had the same board but used a much better psu. That model is pricey and hard to track down since its 55nm with all the tmu enabled.
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