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i have a windows xp on my pc, and installed a windows 8 , now the boot screen changed to windows 8 default boot screen, and it shows windows xp az earlier version of windows ,when i try to login in earlier version my pc reboots again and gets into windows xp .
today i wented to resolve this proplem and tried changing the boot file in windows xp using vistaboot software, but now again i see that blue screen again and when i try login into xp it shows error and needs xp cd to resolve proplem, but i can login into 8 .
how i can repair the boot file in windows 8?
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  1. I had the same issue when i installed Windows 8 Customer Preview, and when i decided that i dont want W8 i had to format both win partitions and reinstalled W7. Probably there is solution but was complicated :P
  2. hi, No my 8 os is pro version, thanks for reply but i dont think it is a good answare!
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