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OK, I'm gonna pick your brains out there. I have an antique Presario 6000 with an XP2100 CPU on a Compaq 07D0h ( or as I like to call it, an 07 DOH!!!! , a Simpson's reference ) OEM motherboard. It has an OEM power supply of 220 watts. On that PSU, there is a lead that has a tiny 2 pin connecter that goes to the front middle part of the board, very near the main 20 pin power connecter. What the heck is that lead for? None of the PSU's I've looked at have it. Is there a PSU out there that will work with my POS? I know my computer is on "life support" as it is, but, I can't pull the plug yet. A side question : is there another CPU compatible with the OEM OS besides the XP2200? According to Compaq, there isn't.
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    I thing that the lead goes to a thermal sensor on the motherboard so that the motherboard can control the PSU fan.
  2. What prompted the question is, I was hoping to put in an AGP 4x/8x graphics card, but most that are worth thier weight require a stronger PSU. I guess this is a case of "drive it until the wheels fall off". Next time, I'm building my own, no more "off the shelf" computers for me!
  3. jsc, I was doing some thinking last night, and I kinda thought the same thing. Most new PSU's now have internal sensors now based on load and ambient temp, don't they?
  4. Update to my question. Against my better judgement, I shut down the computer, un-plugged the tiny 2 pin connector and re-started. It turns out, it controls power to the CPU fan and any case fans that get power through the motherboard. Needless to say, I plugged it back in!! Thanks guys.
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