Computer Won't Boot

My friend computer won't boot.

Gigabyte p43
4gb kingston value rams
XFX 88000GT
Antec 650w PSU

I already replaced the PSU and motherboard but the computer still won't boot. I tried looking through the forums but can't find a problem that is similar to mine. The problem right now is the computer won't turn on at all. When i unhooked the PCI-E power from the GPU the computer turns on but with a long never ending beep. Then finally I took the whole gpu out the computer seem to boot up fine with a short beep but without video i do not know what is going on. So any ideas guys?

I tried placing the rams into different slots and taking one out and leaving the other one in still doesn't work.
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  1. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
    Boot problems
  2. Congratulations you have done something wrong!
    Try to assamble the parts from the beginning.
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