Can chipset 945g support intel e5200

:hello: how much difference between p4(2.8ghz) with dual core e5200(2.5ghz)? does it worth upgrade? my mobo chipset intel 945g currently running p4, does it support dual core e5200?
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  1. The performance difference between a P4 2.8 and the E5200 is significant. Because the E5200 is a 45nm processor, your motherboard most likely doesn't support it. What motherboard do you have?
  2. :D :D thanks 4 reply...about motherboard i don knoe something like intel mobo..Intel(R) 945G/GZ/GC/P/PL Processor to I/O Controller - 2770
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    You definitely can't upgrade to an E5200. Even a newer Intel motherboard like the DG965RY doesn't support it. The fastest CPU supported by your motherboard probably is the Pentium D960. Consider upgrading the motherboard and CPU.

    Your BIOS ID code identifies which Intel motherboard you have:
  4. oh man...look like i will not go for e5200. thanks anyway 4 info
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