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Hi iam newbie from small country. My question, I have AMD x2 5000+ 65nm brisbane and motherboard value zotac 6100 AM2. I am sure that x2 5000+ have 2000Mhz HT link, but i check at cpu-z it only show 1000Mhz. So, i read on the mobo. manual book that its only support HT1.0 and Athlon X2. Yesterday i open zotac official site. They have new BIOS, that it can be used on my mobo to detect athlon II X2. If i update the bios, can my HT processor increas to 2000Mhz?? Thanx
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  1. More than likely your mobo is a AM2 mobo which means that even if you update the BIOS, you will not get a HTT link speed increase.

    I think that AM2 was designed for HTT 1.0 and AM2+ was set for HTT 2.0.

    So the BIOS update will not pump your HTT link up to 2000MHz. Even if you put a Athlon II X2 in, it would only go up to the HTT 1.0 link speeds.
  2. What jimmysmitty said.
  3. O boy, but thanks jim. Is 2GB/s and 1GB/s have big diference. Show me the chart please. 1 again thanx jim
  4. O ya, what other value motherboard that can top up my x2's HTT?
  5. Any AM2+ motherboard, ideally with an AMD 700-series chipset.
  6. Thanx to you, lets close this thread
  7. Cpuz only shows 1000hz because there are (2) 1000hz channels. Effectively you have 2000 HT not 1000 this is normal.
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