CPU's, Temperatures and Overheating.

Hello Tom's Hardware Community,
I'm coming to you for advise on an Issue that's been Bugging the Living Hell out of me, for some time now.

I'm currently Running a ;

Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H
AMD Atholon(tm) 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
2x 2Gb Dominator RAM
Nvidia Geforce 9600 GSO 1Gb (was previouslly an ATI 4850 HD) :pfff:
Hitachi HDP725050GLA360 (was previouslly 2x HDD in there 500Gb each)
VX550Watt Corsair Power Supply

The sensors are telling me that the CPU Temperature 1 is at 93.00c From startup after leaving it for many hours in a cold room, the other CPU temprature in BIOS as well reads at startup of 40c and then Rises too Crazy Tempratures when doing anything CPU intensive. This intially happened earlier this year and I got my ATI 4850HD Graphics Card removed by the guy who built this machine who informed me that the Graphic's card had fried, which I have now found out to be a lie.

I got myself a new Graphic's card after still not being aware it was my processor overheating and trying to use my onboard graphic's card which was a Radeon 3200+ 700mb.

I've now Diagnosed the issue myself and will be trying to Aquire my baby ATI 4850 HD Graphics card back. But this is besides the point just a little history on the machine and about the Local Computer Dealers out there who overlook Major Issues and want you too scrap your machine in their Junkyard. Anyway.

When Start up Like I said the CPU1 Temprature is 90c and Rises from there Usually staying at 93.00c if Idle or doing nothing Graphic's intensive, The other reading I'm recieving from the other Temp 2 starts 40c and then Rises really fast when any of the CPU is being used, which usually resorts to a system Reboot or the computer turns it's self off.

It wont turn back on either for quite some time until it's cooled down, Also what are the best Setting for Fans and Cooling in the BIOS I had a look around made a few changes is it ( Auto PMW or Volt ) It's currently Running on Auto with everything else Disabled. I've checked the Temperatures in BIOS they are giving the same reading somewhat. I'll do another reading and Post the Evidence here.

I'm thinking of Purchasing a Liquid Coolent System for the Machine, I've also used Thermal Adhesive Tape recently with the Fan CPU and now I've Resorted too re-applying Thermal Adhesive with a Syringe, The two Enviromental Sensors on my Processors are ITE IT8718F LPC (Version 5.00) with the other one being AMD K8 CPU [P0,C2, SC3, SN0]

I'd also like too Point out the current CPU 1 Fan is turning at 1142rpm with a CPU 1 DC Line of 1.41v.... Is this normal, I'm really worried about this Rig cost me abit too put together, I'm not about too dump it at the moment.

Please Message me back with Any Further Questions about my Issue or anytips or Links or Ideas the Community here has about my Problem, I'd very much appreciate it.


CPU 1 Temp 90c <--- Omfg !!?!?
CPU 2 Aux 40c, But Rise's Crazy Fast when doing anything Graphic's or CPU intensive.

Extra Info ;

CPU Core Power 91.32w
CPU cooling system thermal resistance 0.64c/w


Charles the Gamer. :bounce:
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  1. Or do you think I should get another Fan & Processor all together ?
  2. Yeah I would get an X2 at least
  3. Charles the higherst I got a cpu to run at stable was 85 degrees ... no joking !!
    Checked it with a laser too.

    Pushing an XP 3000+ to 2.8 (briefly / painfully) under a refridge water unit ... recirculating with pump using a waterblock (600 watt unit).

    I think what might be the problem is the board sensor is cactus.

    If the unit really is that hot the base of the cooler would burn your hand to touch .., is it that hot? Check by booting up and dipping the tip of your finger in spit at touching the base ... did it sizzle or spit?

    Seriously though ... shut down, remover the HSF and clean the base with some brillo pad of other very light abrasive ... dry and then reapply thermal paste.

    Clean the top of the cpu.

    Reassemble and reboot ... hit <del> after POST and monitor the temps again in the bios ... let us know what it is running at.

    Is it overclocked and overvolted?

    The first 6000+ sported 2 X 1Mb cache and ran at 3Ghz under a 90nm process ... though a mature stepping processor it did run a bit hot ... close to the thermal limit for the X2's. The 6400+ was slightly faster and equally suffers a bit like the last of the Prescotts.

    Two later variants ran at 3Ghz (f3 same cache but cherry picked) and the g2 step (half sized cache but clocked up to 3.1Ghz).

    Your might be a 125 Watt earlier version perhaps?

    Make sure cool and quiet is enabled in the bios.

    You could try to undervolt the cpu just slightly to reduce the power ?? Haven't tried with these myself ...

    There are also 3 versions below for ref ... the 125 Watt and 89 Watt units.


    Id suggest you post the new temps and we can go from there.

    It might also pay to reflash your bios.
  4. sorry for my ignorance I did not realize the 6000 was an X2
  5. Quote:
    But Rise's Crazy Fast when doing anything Graphic's or CPU instensive.

    It looks like you need to address your case cooling too.
    I had to add a 120mm side exhaust fan to extract the heat generated by my 4850 out of the case due to a similar problem with soaring mb temps under GPU load..
    This is in addition to 120mm front intake and 92mm rear exhaust fans.
  6. Running ;

    Everest....SpeedFan..and...Sisoftware Sandra.

    helping me gather all the info I've posted, just about too run BIOS and post the results up.

    Thank you so much for your replys, so is it a yes or no on the Liquid cooler for the CPU ?

    I'm having no Issues with my GPU at all or my RAM or anything else...It's just my CPU which is causing all this Drama.

    Any other information you need let me know, Posting BIOS update now.
  7. This sounds like the same problem I had with my 6000 X2 3100mhz. Check your cpu voltage in the bios. It should be 1.35v or less. Mine was 1.45v! When I reset it to the recommended 1.35v, my overheating problems went away.
  8. BIOS Update ;

    Vcore : 1.490v
    DDr2 1.8v : 1.932
    +3.3v : 3.28v
    +12v : 11.92v
    Current System Temprature : 36c
    Current CPU Temperature : 41c
    CPU Fan Speed : 3026 rpm
    Current System Fan Speed 2 : 6081 rpm
    Current System Fan Speed : 1117 rpm


    CPU Warning Fan : Disabled
    CPU Fan Fail warning : Disabled
    System Fan Warning : Disabled

    CPU Smart Fan Control : Enabled
    CPU Smart Fan Mode : Auto
    System Smart Fan Control : Disabled
  9. Anything that Jumps out too you that looks Odd, Let me know. Thank You.
    Thanks again for the replys, your expanding my knowledge.
  10. It looks like SiSoftware Sandra & SpeedFan were Telling Porkys as well, as you can see from the data I updated from my BIOS...where the hell did it get this 90c Reading from then...Confused Face ?!

    So still wondering whether I should shell out and get a Liquid Cooler....on my Processor. Any thoughts on that ?

    I've Got Power Supply Fan...the Mini 3 fan combo above my Dominator RAM and my GPU Fan as well as 1 Extractor Fan and a Bog Standard AMD Processor Fan ontop of my Processor...I can take take Pictures if that would help matters ?

    All of these Pumping around Air....Yet..my Processor still wants too throw a big hissy fit. Btw I've Currently got my Case open with an Osiclating Fan Jumping Ice'y Cold Air into the comp. Which is helping I guess....
  11. Your Vcore is 1.49! That's way too high! The recommended voltage for this cpu is 1.2-1.35. You need to reset it manually. Same problem I had. Look's like AMD screwed up, (I have an AsRock motherboard). The cpu isn't reporting the correct voltages to the bios.
  12. How would I go about making that change manually ?
  13. charliesauce said:
    How would I go about making that change manually ?

    There should be a way to reset the voltage in the bios. Every bios is different, I don't know where it is in your bios but it should be there somewhere. Look in the "overclock/voltage?" section.
  14. I've lowered the Vcore to 1.3...I'll start testing now.
    Thanks for the help rsmith13.
    Very much appreciated.
  15. What happens if the Vcore Voltage is too low though ?
    How low is too low and how high is too high ?
    I've been searching and looking into this a bit, and some crazy OverClockers are taking it too 2.9...is this wise or crazy...?
  16. I just saw someone on this site...take it too 5.ghz...someone doesn't like their computer :P

    I'm just playing World of Warcraft now...and a bit of Team Fortress 2 as well...and the CPU keeps jumping up too 62c...think I should drop the Vcore even more...or keep it at 1.3...should I fiddle with any of the other Voltages ?
  17. CPU reached about 65c + ....just now and Rebooted...kept alt Tabbing in and out too test the Temperatures.

  18. AMD recomends that the low power (89w) Brisbane ADV6000IAA5DO VCore be between 1.1-1.4v. I have mine set to 1.275v. The maximum operating temp is 62C. I have the heatsink (with heat pipes) from a 125w 6000, on mine and it (now!) seldom goes over 52C. You might need to get a beefier heatsink or better case cooling.

    Other model low power Brisbane's seem to have the same problem with some motherboards: See Athlon 64 X2 5600 (65w) reviews at Newegg.

    If you just installed a low power Brisbane X2 and are having overheating problems, you need to check that the VCore is within specifications!
  19. Did he say he ws using thermal adhesive tape on the CPU/fan assembly??? That doesnt work....with those crazy voltages and thermal tape??
  20. Yes /// it looks like the Vcore is set too high ... possibly because the bios release you have didn't automatically pickup the later model cpu.

    It also looks like the bios is not correctly reporting the temps.

    A flash might fix the lot.

    In the interim drop the Vcore to the voltage specified for the 2 X 512K cache 3.1Ghz cpu ... as above but also in the AMD link I gave prev.

    Sorry for the late reply ... busy day.

    Good luck.
  21. Ah, but my AsRock motherboard has the latest bios and the cpu is in the motherboard support list.... A bios update might work for charliesauce, but it didn't for me.

    Anyway, problem solved.
  22. Charlie ... did you get into the bios and drop the Vcore yet?
  23. Changing the Vcore on Bios too 1.2...Windows wouldn't start up....now it's 1.25..and it's running pretty Damn Slow.

    I already dropped the core too 1.3 before now it's on 1.200vcore ...I'll see how things run now.

    They seem really slow. Think I should just buy a Liquid Cooler and turn the Vcore back up once I've got it ?

    Kept Crashing on Low Voltage....New Cooler it is then.
  24. Whats a Flash and how would I go about Performing it ?

    And Yes I used adhesive tape but that's only after I inspected the Processor too find...it had eaten all the previous Adhesive Grease there before, there was nothing left...It was all cooked up, so I went out and bought Adhesive Tape and Also the Syringe with Adhesive Grease...It's Currently got the Grease in it...because I was reading around the internet and It kept popping up that the Tape was only really for RAM heatsink's..and I've already got a 3 mini fan combo over the top of them and their Dominator...so their fine.
  25. The grease is the go.

    Make sure you cleaned the top ofthe cpu and bottom of the heatsink of all of the thermal tape ... really scrubbed it clean ... then put a thin layer of grease on both ... before putting it all back together.

    Anyway ... surely its been fun and a great learning experience.

    It's all fun ... till somebody loses an eye ... heh heh.

  26. HI Dude

    I think the variations in temperatures might be due the input voltage normally you get to socket. I suggest you to have a check at power cables and and voltage levels you get. :)

    self adhesive tape
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