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CPU cooling advice

hey guys looking for some advise on a new cpu cooler im sick of my stock i5 2300 cooler
my mobo is a Intel® Desktop Board DH67BL
and my case is a coolermaster CM690II advanced
if some people could recomend a good cpu cooler that would fit in my case and is LGA1155 socket heatsink (no watercooling please not going to go to that level with this cpu due to not being able to overclock)
thank you in advance
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  1. The 212 that Kelthic linked will do you just fine.

    would be overkill but would keep it VERY cool. This cooler is one of the best air options out there and match some water cooling options.
  2. kelthic said:

    im very keen on this cooler would it fit in my case?
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    Yes it will fit your case, though I suggest the 212+ simply because it is $20.
  4. amuffin said:
    Yes it will fit your case, though I suggest the 212+ simply because it is $20.

    why would u suggest this one rather than the evo any other reasons other than that it is $20 :)
  5. Even though the evo has a slightly better design that only reduces temps by 1-3C it isn't worth the extra 15 dollars.
  6. Oh man how did I miss it was a 2300 >< sorry. Yea for the 2300 just go with the 212. Evo or the 212 + will work. If you want to save the 15 bucks go for the +. If you want a bit more then go with the evo. Both will cool wonderfully.
  7. As noted, either the 212 EVO or the 212 + should be plenty of cooling and work well in your case. I personally like the EVO a little bit better because it has slightly better airflow, though, i admit it's mostly negligable.
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