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Hello, I have Windows XP SP3. According to the Microsoft website, I used "control userpasswords2 from the Start, Run menu. After unchecking the box that lets users bypass the password logon screen, I can no longer get into User Accounts using "control passwords2" even in the safe mode. When booting into XP normally I get a logon error message that reads "The system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters mus be in correct case." I can close this windows then click OK on the logon screen. At that point I can normally load Windows XP. Because I can no longer access user accounts, how can I eliminate the logon message as well as bypassing the logon screen altogether?
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  1. Did you set an account to autologon? Maybe you entered the user and/or password for that wrong. Are you using an admin account to get to the user management? Does is work if you get there from Control Panel?
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