What is some good Ram under $80 that is 12GB?
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  1. Thanks I think I'll just go with this even though it's 20 above the listed price I said.

  2. yeah, that's what i was looking at, but they didn't have it in a 12GB Kit that was low profile and i wasn't sure what CPU Cooler/Motherboard you were using, so i dropped it down to the XMS. That's a pretty good set of ram.
  3. The real question that should have been asked before anything was recommended is, what motherboard are you buying the RAM for?

    The 16GB kit you picked out is perfect for a Sandy Bridge build needing 1.5v DDR3 1600 cas 9.
  4. BuBzXXL said:

    The RAM you picked is fine. 12GB would not have been optimal though since your board has dual channel capability. So you need 2 or 4 matched sticks for dual channel to work. Most 12 GB kits are 3 sticks.
  5. Thanks! I also have one more question (This may sound extremely dumb) what does ram really do? lol.
  6. Cool! Whats the advantage of having more Ram really?
  7. Simplistically, more RAM allows you to run more programs at once. Some programs use more RAM than others. Right now 8GB is about the sweet spot since RAM is so cheap. People who use RAM intensive programs like Photoshop can use 16GB or even 32GB. Just for a gaming computer or general use you will never use more than 8GB.
  8. Ok cool. Sorry I'm asking all these questions this is my first build and I want to now more about all the stuff. What about Video editing for like youtube videos. I want to make like cool montages and intros etc...
  9. You are fine with 16Gb if you are going to be video editing.

    Here are some more articles that might help you understand.



    Note the second article is from 2000 and the sizes quoted are quite obsolete.
  10. Hi. I'm a computer technician:
    First of all, most motherboards support DUAL RAM. Some boards (x58?) support TRIPLE-Channel meaning you'd install three sticks at a time.

    Unless you are editing video (not just converting it) and require large amounts of RAM the absolute MOST you would need is 8GB.

    If you have a triple-channel setup get 6GB (3x2GB). If you have a dual-channel setup get 4GB or 8GB. You'll see little advantage with 8GB.

    How does RAM work?
    When your computer first starts, windows and all your programs are on the hard drive. Parts of Windows and other programs are copied into the System RAM because it is much faster. Basically the CPU is like a guy reading an instruction book, and the RAM is the book.

    For example:
    When you first start a game, chances are it's ALL on your hard drive. You will wait while it copies MOST of the game into the RAM which might be as high as 1.8GBytes. Now the CPU is reading the game instructions out of that RAM and executing the instructions (including sending data to the graphics card to process).

    - get 4GB or 8GB of RAM for dual channel (DDR3 likely. 1600MHz is optimal price)
    - 6GB for triple-channel (again, see motherboard manual)
    - run MEMTEST to make sure your RAM is stable
    - if you overclock your CPU, make sure your RAM is still running at the proper speed (such as 1600MHz) and not overclocked. You may have to adjust your multipler in the BIOS. Rerun Memtest if you change the CPU or RAM settings.
    - update your BIOS if not up to date.
  11. Good RAM?
    Go to NCIX. There's a lot of choice there. G. Skill has good RAM, but so do others.

    Possibly get:
    4x2GB @1600MHz
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