Intel PWLA8494MT Quad NIC compatibility

Hi everyone,

While looking for a great deal on a Quad port NIC, I ran across this auction on eBay.

Sun Intel PWLA8494MT Quad GBe Gigabit 370-6688 X9273a

My question is, is there any difference in the Intel PWLA8494MT part that apparently was pulled from this Sun system and the same Intel PWLA8494MT that is compatible with Windows? I can't seem to find anything that speaks of these differences, but I'm still not sure whether I should bid on this, because this will be going into a Windows Server 2008 box.

Thanks for you time.
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  1. it should be the same card, you just will need to find the drivers for the card for windows server 2008 (maybe look for them before you buy to see if the drivers exist)
  2. That's part of the problem I'm running into here. I know the drivers are available for my OS, but in the same drivers list I do not see the drivers available for Sun. I would think that if this were pulled from a Sun, I would see these drivers in the list too. You know what I mean? So this causes some doubt in my mind that there is SOMETHING different about the card, and there is some variation in the hardware specific to Sun.

    See the drivers list for this card here.

    Can anyone else possibly shine some light? I know absolutely nothing about Sun, and don't know if Intel would build a model specific to only Sun. If not, then I believe it's the same card, but I certainly don't want to get stuck with something that is not going to work due to my ignorance. :)

    Thanks for you time.
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