First Gaming Build--$1200 max

Looking to build a gaming system in the $1000-1200 range. First attempted build, so simplicity is preferred. Will need 1 TB SATA HD. Have one now, but don't know if it will survive the transplant from the old system & thought best to double up. Have an HP w2338h 23" monitor.

BUDGET RANGE: $1000-$1200 After Rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, word processing, watching movies



PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type. Would prefer nvidia for the GPU but it's not a dealbreaker.



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Will need a new OS & would appreciate any recommendations on that. Don't need to play every game at max levels, but want a set-up that won't be obsolete by this time next year. Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. Here is one...
    CPU + Mobo + RAM
    i7 + Gigabyte UD4P + 4GB DDR3 OCZ 1600MHZ

    CASE + PSU -
    Antec 300 Illusion + Antec TP 650W

    1TB Seagate + WIN 7 Home Premium

    Graphics card - HD 5850(If you can get one...)


    CPU cooler -
    or Scythe Katana with the LGA 1156 socket retention kit...

    Total - ~$1100 Not including shipping and rebates...
  2. It is, but there isn't a single GPU that offers DirectX11, a high level of performance and a reasonable $300 price tag.
  3. That all looks real good--exactly the sort of info I was looking for-thanks a ton. Why is the 5850 so tough to get? Also; is it so superior to comparable cards that it would be worth waiting a couple months to get one?
  4. Here's a build that I've done for another person a few days ago.

    Note: this build has a monitor, you have one already so just never mind it..

    I only used newegg, but you can use other sites if you can find the same parts for cheaper.
    Or if you can find better combos at newegg

    Here's an i5 750 build with new monitor, without O.S

    30 dollar discount



    >Hard drive

    >Video Card


    >Optical Drive


    >Power Supply

    Total: $1,288.88 Before Rebate

    This build gives you the ability to crossfire/sli in the future if new games are more demanding. You could add in another graphics card, the power supply is decent and could handle 2 graphics card.
  5. Quote:
    That all looks real good--exactly the sort of info I was looking for-thanks a ton. Why is the 5850 so tough to get?

    they didn't make enough at launch..
  6. @ SuperCollider It is because they are next-gen, currently have NO competition, and ATI dint expect this huge demand for these chips and had ordered only low quantity of these chips from the fabrication manufacturers...Or like overshocks said they made very few...
  7. Okay-follow up question; If I get the set up above, would I be able to use my Nvidia 7800 gs in it until the 5850 is available? Or are they totally incompatible? Just from checking around, I don't have real high hopes for getting a 5850 anytime this year.
  8. ^ You can use any PCIe graphics card on a PCIe x16 slot...
    And as for the HD 5850, even I doubt the same...but do constantly check the stores...
  9. Okay-here is what I settled on & plan to order these components in the next couple days. Please advise of any compatibility issues or better options in a comparable price range. The stuff I have earmarked is right around the $1000 mark & I have allotted another couple hundred for RAM and cables, etc. This is my first attempted build so any ideas are appreciated. thanks.

    HP 23 inch (already purchased)

    Video card
    Sapphire HD5850 (already purchased)

    Cd/DVD drive




    OS/Hard Drive combo

    Processor/Mobo combo
  10. ^ That is a good setup... and you can check out this case ...CM HAF 922 - Still would be big enough for the HD 5850...

    And the CPU cooler -
    Hyper 212...Change the fans that come with it to a good fan from scythe...It will perform very well...

    Rest are very good...
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