Lol at n 6xx series

looks like nvidia couldnt back up those claims after all in my mind im staying away from the 6xx series i mean 7970 rapes the 680 there my money woudl be on the 7870 to give 660 and 670 a run for ther emoney to i was gonna get a 660 or 670 670 woudl be 100$ cheaper i think than a 680 but that still more than the 7870 looks like im going back to amd
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  1. Looks like those programs are open cl made?
  2. regardless man ati/amd has always been the bes option for price and performance nvidia card may be better vs some of amd cards but they are way to expensive and the performance gian isnt enough once amd release good drivers nvidia is gona enjoy second place for a very very long time
  3. This seems to be a thread meant to incite a flame-war - let's maintain some factual discussion on more than just fanboy-isms for or against a product.

    Also consider that the Inquirer isn't the most reliable of hardware review sites...they have been known to express far more opinion than fact in many occasions over the past few years.

    Closing this thread as it easily will become an argument thread based on very little factual evidence given above, and as the 680's have been out only 24 hours.
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