Ethernet Issues

I am running

Motherboard: 790FX-GD70
RAM: 4 GB OCZ Fatality DDR3 1033mhz
HD: 500 GB WD Caviar Black
Video: Sapphire HD 5770
PSU: 700 Watt OCZ
CPU: 3.4 X4 Phenom
OS: Win7 Ultimate x64

I am having a nagging issue that I cannot figure out for the life of me. I recently put this rig together with a fresh format and everything works just fine except for my internet functions. I am able to surf on the net just fine but as soon as I try and download any type of file whatsoever in the latest IE or FF my downloads finish downloading but when I try and open them they claim to be corrupted. I have done pretty extensive research on this issue and have done the following:

Ran a Memtest on my ram and it turned out just fine
Tried a copy of windows XP to see if it was software related and it did it as well.
Reformatted computer again.
Installed latest Ethernet drivers from MSI.

I am completely lost and frustrated on this issue right now and any help or direction would be highly appreciated. thanks.
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  1. From what I've seen of other people having this problem, it's often 1) a built-in hardware firewall that came with your motherboard, or 2) the result of two firewall/antivirus/anti-spyware programs being active at once and conflicting with each other.

    A lot of ASUS boards have a known error where the default hardware firewall causes everything to show up as corrupt ... have no idea whether that could be true for other boards, but it's worth investigating. See if you can find a built-in firewall in your BIOS and disable it. You probably don't need it anyway if you have other competent protection.
  2. If you have another computer on the LAN try coping a file through the network and see if the problem still occurs.
  3. i had a bad stick of ram. go figure. the computer read it just fine and recognized it as good memory. i had 2 2gb sticks of memory and tried them each by themselves. one of them still caused it to happen and with the other by itself it worked fine. speechless as to how that works but they will be RMA'd asap.
  4. Blaarrgg MSI

    Memtest can miss issues with timings/ratios that can cause instabilities but not errors within memory etc - you need to also run prime95 or similar app etc

    Chances are your memory is actually fine but the way your system is using it is not etc - running memory in single channel can make it seem to go away because it makes things a little more stable etc
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