I have a Gateway DX4200 with a Liteon PS-6301-08A 300 watt PSU
and was just given a OCZ Stealth X stream 700 watt PSU
Can i replace my 300 watt PSU with the OCZ one, will it fit my motherboard
this is the MoBo Gateway Acer Foxconn Bengal RS780 Motherboard 4006272R

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  1. PSUs don't need to fit in a motherboard, but they do need to fit in your case. Since you already have it in hand, just give it a try.
  2. So if it fits in the case it will work for the MoBo??
  3. Correct.
  4. even if it doesn't fit in the case it will still work with the mobo. but external PSU's are hardly an easy solution...

    as long as your Case is ATX spec you should have no worries though.
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