How does Mobo fsb bus speed affect overclocking?

Hello, 1st time posting here and I am not the most experienced with computers so bear with me. My mobo recently got fried due to an electrical storm so I am now looking to upgrade. The other components are still fine and so I figured while I was at it I would go ahead and get a cpu water cooler so I could overclock even higher.
My current (Fried) Mobo is am asus m4a89-td. It has a FSB speed listed as 2600mhz. I have the setup configured to use sli gtx 460s through an unoffical patch. Its been a hassle often though so I thought for this next mobo I would get one that officially supports sli. I narrowed it down to the asus crosshair V which from my research supports the best overclock for both the processor and ram. With my m4a89-td and stock air cooler I got 3766mhz out of my phenom II x6 1090t B.E. and 1866 mhz with a cas of 7-9-6-24 for the ram.
My question relates to the fsb speed of the crosshair v. It's FSB speed is listed as 2000mhz. Normally I would just trust all the reviews I've read and go for it but I'm wondering if the 2000 fsb will limit overclocking if I decide to upgrade the Ram later to a higher freqency or eventually get a bulldozer cpu (if they get better). Several other boards that supports the new amd sli config are listed with a FSB speed of 2600 yet clearly the crosshair v is able to overclock better.
So, I guess what I'm saying is that I am having trouble figuring out what role the 2000mhz FSB plays in all this. Can the FSB be overclocked on the mobo? Is my Ram limited to 2000mhz because of that? Does the mobo fsb overclock in unison with the processor? Does it matter in any way that the crosshair v is only listed as 2000mhz FSB as compared with some of the others that are listed as 2600mhz FSB? I apologize for the general nature of the question but I have had trouble finding information specific to my circumstances through my old buddy google. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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  1. I'm not sure that you can even reach the FSB limit on the motherboard. At least I've never heard of it but I'm new to this stuff too.
    By the way next time try using paragraphs
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