Xp will not search my external hard drive

It's a 1TB external Hard Drive that's almost completely 'full' of movies. When I use 'Start' - 'Search' my XP 2007 will not search the hard drive but it will search another USB connected external hard drive and my 3 internal hard disk partitions. Weird a?

If anyone knows what's happening I'd be very grateful for some assistance.. Laurie in Bulgaria.
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  1. can you access the hard drive in question via the Explorer? aka the normal browsing way.

    If so, it might just be that you need to INDEX the harddrive to allow the search function to work properly. It may also be that searching 1TB takes time, and its been dumped to the bottom of the search list- wait for a bit?

    If you cant even browse the harddrive, i'd say troubleshoot by either using another computer, or at least unplug the other USB drive on this computer
  2. Thank you Nathan.. Yes, the drive is accessible via Explorer. I've tried disconnecting the other drive which makes no difference. Re 1TB requiring extra time to be accessed, previously access time was about 1 second. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the indexing process but will seek info via the 'net. Thanks again for your kindness. Laurie.
  3. additionally, just tthought of this.... XP has issues with big files - specifically anything over 4GB.... since you mentioned its videos - this might be relevant.

    you should be able to right click on the disc link in My Computer and select index this drive from the Properties window. However, last time i was on Win XP was a good few years now - so this might be a vista/win7 feature?

    EDIT: sounds like it was working at one time....it might be that your original index of the drive refers to it as a specific letter (lets say E:), and then by using another external, this specific drive is now another letter (say F:) as it depends on what order you plug devices in as far as i know - especially on XP. My solution would be to remake the index (google for instructions?)
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