FIFA 10 & Orange Box on ATI 4670

I am tied with this lousy system with Intel E2180, 2GB 667Mhz single channel DDR2 RAM, XFX MG-63MI-7109 motherboard with MS Windows XP 32 bit.
I am fond of Half-Life series & would like to play EA Sports FIFA Soccer also. But the onboard graphics card gives 6-18 FPS at 640X480 on HL2 EP2. (on recommended settings) :lol:
The mobo does not have PCI-E 2.0 (only old PCI-E 16x).
This thread shows that it does not have space for a normal size graphics card.

So I am going to get AMD/ATI 4670, Intel Q9550 & 3GB RAM.
But that thread does not mention the PCI-E problem. Will ATI 4670 work at all on my mobo? Even if it works it will surely underperform. In that case will I be able to play those games I mentioned?

Note: My MS Windows & MS Office 2007 both are OEM licenses. So I can't upgrade the mobo & getting a separate gaming rig is not an option because of monetary issues.
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    My questions rarely get answers in forums & I don't know why.
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    The HD4670 will work fine, few cards are actually bottlenecked by a PCI Express 1.0 slot.
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