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When i use belkin remote to switch from (both computers are windows 7 ultimate 3

Respected Sir,
Warm greetings and good wishes.

I am using a belkin flip to switch from a new computer to old computer and vice versa. Many a times, when I press the remote button to flip THE MOUSE FREEZEZ. i AM FORCED TO RESTART and my data gets lost. Recently I had to reinstall Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 professional due to having lost all the data in the user profile. Both the computers are Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

Eagerly awaiting for your kind help, to get to a permanent solution.

May God's Grace ever enfold your nobleself and all the members of your family.

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  1. Hi kripananda_23

    Try to re-install the drivers.So remove first, than install. Supports only up to Vista, so run as administrator in compatible mode as Vista x32bit or WinXP 32bit.

    Good luck : )
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    I wonder why?
    I am using a Belkin switch too. One is between two Windows Vista 64 Bit PCs and one is between 1 Vista 64Bit and Win 7 64Bit.
    I never needed to install any sort of software for it, on any of the machines.
    To top it all, the Vista 64bit and the Win 7 64 bit are both on Dual Monitors.

    I would suggest using a new mouse of a better make if possible.
    "By God's Grace" it ought to do the trick.... :)

    I did forget to tell you that the Win 7 PC also dual Boots into SuSE and Windows 8 , all with the KVM and has never run into any trouble with any OSes so far.
    One Last question, are you using a adapter to convert from the PS2 Keyboard/Mouse to connect to the Old PC? If so.... that's where the glitch is.
    You need a better adapter or a new mobo with a PS2 Keyboard/Mouse on board connector.
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