Ddr3 2300/2200 worth it?

:hello: Now i've been pondering this for a few minutes now and my ego keeps bugging me about it. Gigabyte's 890GPA-UD3H claims it can support the Gskill F3-18400CL8D-4GBPIS ddr3 2300 kit 8-11-8-28-2N. I know it has to be downclocked to 1866mhz, but I assume it can be done so with much tighter timings. I'm in need of some RAM now, but I question if there will be any real world gains from all of this. I've looked into the Corsair Dominator GT's at ddr3-1600 cl7 which is about the same price range, but I can't make a crystal clear decision on either without more research on the matter. There's not enough reviews on the Gskill's yet. I'm sure there won't be much of a performance gap between either choice, so please guys, help a guy's overinflated ego out.
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  1. High performance RAM isn't really worth it - I doubt you'd see a physical speed difference between 1333MHz and say 1866MHz, unless you are benchmarking. You might as well just get a cheap 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL7 or CL8 kit and save some money.
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    Unless you'r into insane overclocking, any kit above 1600MHz gives diminishing returns.
  3. Yeah I've figured that much. Thank you gentlemen for reinforcing my good judgement. Oh and hah! I don't think there's cheap ddr3 1600 CL7 ram lol. But then again I look at all the wrong places. Also I love your cat.
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