Are ATI 5800 series sold out accross the board?

If you go to the 5850 and 5870 are simply not listed. Same for a number of other computer hardware sites. has it listed but back order. There is one guy selling one on ebay. How long do you think these cards will be impossible to get?
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  1. I have not seem any for a while. They used to come into newegg on occasion, but not recently. I am sure they are trying to pump them out as fast as they can, but it is slow to reach each reseller. Remember they ship these world-wide.

    It's not like there is any pressure on them from Nvidia to get these moving. I'm sure if there was some competition it would light a fire under them.
  2. It is better that you wait because the delay was caused by TSMC's 40nm GPU yield issue and TSMC is still trying to fix it. Getting it now then you risk to get the ones might still be affected by TSMC's 40nm yield issue...

    This issue would delay both NVIDIA GT300 and ATI Radeon HD 5000 series...

    From what I understood, the reason why ATI did released some Radeon HD 5000 series in September is because back in May/June 2009, TSMC, the Taiwanese semiconductor company that makes 40nm GPU for both NVIDIA and ATI did announced that they successfully fixed the 40nm yield issue but later, in October, this 40nm yield problem reappeared again or still persist so this is why ATI stop releasing more 40nm DX 11 video cards and there is the delayment. Maybe TSMC would successfully fix this problem by Christmas. :ouch:

    Old news, saying that TSMC already fixed this problem: [...] d-sources/

    But later, this problem re-occured again:
    http://pchardwareblips.dailyradar. [...] es-fix-by/ [...] es-Process

    So maybe yes that these early 40nm GPU cards are already kinda defected to begin with...
  3. You need a little bit of luck to find one.
  4. So why are the 5750 and 5770 readily available? They are also made from the 40nm chips.
  5. They are smaller, thus easier to produce. And also, the demand may not be as high (though that is a complete guess).
  6. I will always be amazed that I successfully ordered not one, but two 5870's just hours after they were released.
  7. 5850's are up on newegg right now ...

    this as of 5pm PST =P
  8. I dont see why people post that they are in stock at Oh say, Newegg,Amazon etc by the time they post they are already gone! I have given up on this quest to find the elusive XFX Radeon HD5870. There marketing plans have seemed to work. I have spent to many hours waiting for one to come up online or at MicroCenter in MN. I am not having fun anymore,LOL. Maybe next year there will be more High End cards that you can actually buy and not just hear about.
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