WD Green 2TB Sata3 (WD20EARX) compatible with Sata2?

Hi guys, I just wanted to ask you, is the Western Digital Green 2TB drive (WD20EARX) Sata 3 (6GB/s) backwards compatible with Sata 2 ports?... I'm going to buy 2 of these HDD, but my Mobo only has two Sata 3 ports, and they are already taken, so I want to buy this Sata 3 version of the Green drives (might upgrade my mobo in the future), but, would they still work in a Sata 2 port?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes. Most definitly.
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    The various SATA versions have been designed to interoperate with each other, so you should have no problem plugging a SATA3 drive into a SATA2 port. And no hard drive is actually fast enough to saturate a SATA2 connection, so doing this won't hurt your performance. It's only some of the very fastest SSDs that really need a SATA3 port for peak performance.

    Very occasionally a particular drive and a particular motherboard controller won't play nicely together, so most drives have a jumper that lets you force them to the slower SATA speed. In the very unlikely event that you run into this issue you can just use the jumper to make the them work properly.
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