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Hello everyone,

I own a MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard inside a HAF 912 Mid Tower case and I'm wondering if there are any decent (40$ or less) CPU Coolers that can be installed without taking out the motherboard from the case. I'd like a CPU cooler that I can install quickly without having to take my motherboard out of my case.

I understand that the CPU coolers that require a backplate installation are better than the "quick/easy to install coolers" but my computer is not overclocked and it's running fine with the stock CPU cooler from AMD (955 BE). The main reason for me buying an aftermarket CPU cooler is because the stock is really loud and annoying...combined with a 6950 2gb sapph rad. gfx card, the noise is just ridiculous.

Also, I'm planning on buying 4 more gbs of g-skill ram (this will fill up all the ram slots on the mobo) so please let me know if that will hinder installation of certain CPU coolers.

Mobo -
Case -

After 2 days of searching I only found one possible candidate,
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  1. It looks like the chassis has an access hole in the motherboard tray (see newegg's image gallery) that would let you add a cooler with a backplate if you remove the right side panel (looking from the front). I would remove the right side panel to see if the access is large enough for the backplate. I'll bet it is, and you could use almost any CPU cooler in that chassis without removing the motherboard.
  2. I just did one on a Antec 300 but it's been so long since I have done a 912 build I couldn't remember. Looking at the pics tho, It should be no issue after removing the right side panel.
  3. As previously suggested the 212+ or Evo would be fine.
    Install is easy both use the same retention hardware.
    Neither would present a problem with Ripjaws or newer X model = have installed all 4 dimms filled using Ripjaws both types and 212+(same as EVO dimensions).
    Have to slide dimm side fan up a tad = works fine!
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