Memory problem now a can't use my computer problem

okay, so i've always felt like my build was a bit unstable. occasional lock ups, but no blue screens etc. never had much lock using over the air hd signal for long before lock up for example. can game for hours at lan parties etc. recently lock ups seem to be coming more frequently and not necessarily under load. so gpu isn't overheating, haven't found a way to monitor cpu heat yet, but i don't think it's that. did memtest86+ 4.1 and ram wouldn't pass no matter what on the first pass through. advice was to try one stick at a time. did that this morning and got one stick to pass all of the way through. tried the other stick and couldn't get a signal to the monitor with it. now i can't seem to get a signal to the monitor no matter what. not with the stick that worked, not with both in 2 and 3 like they were before or in 0 and 1 or with a single in 0 or anything.

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  1. You may want to post more info about your system.
  2. Sorry i was thinking it was part of my post like it is on other forums.

    EVGA gtx 280 ftw / EVGA 790i ultra mb / q9450 yorkfield cpu / ocz platinum 2x2gb 12800 ram / zalman 1000w psu / velociraptor hd / pioneer blue-ray/dvd/cd drive / zalman 9500 hs/fan

    it would appear that dimm 0 doesn't work at all. working in 2 and 3 as they sticks were before. after running both through memtest86+ 4.1 for and hour or two each, they are both coming back with errors.

    where does that leave me?
  3. i dont know whether your problem has been solved.

    But if you think that one of your ram modules are creating problems,then first remove all the ram sticks.
    Try inserting one module only at first slot.Memtest, BurnInTest(passmark software) are good softwares to
    check your ram.try testing for half an hour,if errrors are detected try removing the same stick and insering in
    the next slot and boot the computer and test the ram module.Still if there is any errors shown then chances
    are that the module is faulty.

    Repeat the same procedure with the other module.
    If no errors are detected i would recommend only using the fully working ram module only.
    I think still you will be able to use almost many applications without big performance losses.

    i think that removing a faulty ram module and using the good one will remove all lockups or any restarts.
    (actually i had a similar problem with my pc too and i am using only one of my ram sticks)

    Let me know whether you problem is solved or whether something else is the problem.
  4. i can't get either of them to pass singly either, so hopefully ocz can help me out.

    thanks for the help.
  5. You settings in bios, can make you sticks fail.
    Did you set the voltage for those dimms and check to see if speed was set correctly?
    Could have been checked in windows , but not now it seems ?
  6. both sticks failed to make even a single pass through memtest without erros, so they are rma'd. should arrive at ocz tomorrow and i'm hoping they can get them back to me before 6/5 so that i have a computer for a big sins of a solar empire lan party.

    as soon as they arrive, i'll start shoving memtest at them again and see how they work brand new from ocz again. i guess if they still can't pass memtest, maybe there's something wrong with my board?
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