My son has just purchased a Modx Stream -Pro 700 Watt power supply but we don't know how to install it in the computer an dthe shops are all closed!! We need diagrams that's all or a web site with instructions can anyone help me please?
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  1. PSUs arent a challenge to replace. Undo all of the power connectors of the old one, undo the screws in the back, slide it forward a bit and it should come out the side of the case easily. Take the new one, put it in, slide it back, screw it in. Plug in the connectors to where you had unplugged other ones earlier. If you need a connector that is not permanently attached to the PSU, there will be a bag of modular cables, just plug in and use the ones that you need.

    These two links have some pictures, which should help you out with what is what. Was your previous PSU modular?
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