I want to buy a SSD but not sure what one to get do I get a Sata2 or Sata3 will they both fit on a asus p6T motherboard
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  1. Most likely, a SATA III is the way to go.
    Goto, and at the botton menu, click on SSD, and then the article about NAND Syncrnious vs Asyncronious, which tells you a lot abut the current state of SSD drives, and which is better
  2. Sata III drives are backward compatible, so you'll be able to use them, but your mobo, if it's this one (, can only support SATA II speeds.
  3. I checked the Intel motherboard database. All of the Asus P6T models are SATA 2 3Gb/s boards.

    Phippsy - What do you do with your computer? Gaming? Professional work? PC use makes a difference in the selection process. Will you be upgrading your motherboard in the next 12 months?
  4. Quote:
    I wrote a blog about using SATA III on a SATA II MB - check it out -
    The SATA III SSD will use a lot more power on a SATA II port

    Meaning what? 0.6 instead of 0.15 watts? That can't possibly be significant, can it?
  5. kajabla - It is significant for a battery operated laptop but not for a desktop pc.

    fillrobs - The Asus PT6 series motherboards are ATX boards for desktop pc's. SSD battery power consumption is not an issue.
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