What has happened to gecube.com.tw..? Website just pings out.!!

Hi all,
I have the HD3850pro AGP by Gecube.....
But the Gecube website appears to have disappeared. :cry: Tried tracert - as soon as it gets to Taiwan (.tw) the ping times go through the roof and then timeout....
Windows 7 x64 out now - so looking for specific drivers.
I also want to know why this version of the Radeon HD3850 is not officially supported by Ati, when it said in Gecube's blurb that it was....!!! [:mousemonkey:2] I hoped to be able to put that to the manufacturer (Gecube)... Neither Ati or AMD have bothered to reply to the same question numerous times - very frustrating, especially considering how much the card cost! :fou:
Any thoughts welcome... Solutions even better..! Thankyou.
:sol: GwGix :hello:
P.S. I am currently using the hotfix catalyst drivers (unsupported, unverified, unsigned) from Ati - but unlike the PCI-E (normal) catalyst drivers - the hotfix drivers are not listed as compatible with windows 7 - so I fear problems once my son tries his games out....
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  1. ATI has not 'officially' supported any AGP video card since the 1xxx series.

    You can still find AGP hot fix drivers on the AMD site that should work.

    I couldn't say for sure why the gecube site is down, but they would just redirect to the ati hotfix drivers anyway. Almost no distributor will have a driver team, they will only ever use those produced by the chip maker.
  2. Actually, Gecube is going out off graphic business so they won't be making anymore video/graphic cards. Maybe that might explain to why Gecube's graphic section website was gone...
  3. force install the latest driver packages - saves you using crummy out-dated video drivers
  4. :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: IM LOVE GECUBE PRODUCTS WHY ITS INVALID TO ACCESSED?
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