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Toshiba Satellite p770 with 500Gb hard drive as factory settings there is only one main drive where windows and programs install and also other 2 small one named as recovery etc the main question is that the main drive C is 450gb me try to make other drives with shrink method but its not allow me to make other drive more then 220GB

can any told me how can me make new partition as me want like c=125gb and other as 100+ each without any data loss thanks in advance
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  1. You cannot shrink a drive past where files are being stored. Defrag the drive an try again.
  2. ^ correct on files, problem is that defrag may help, but generally does not "fix" this problem.

    If windows 7, It will stick the Hibernation file out in "left" field. This seriouly reduces how much you can shrink the drive. It is a Hidden file and can not be deleted unless Hibernation is disabled and write protect is removed.
    You can try this:
    Disable Hibernation: reboot and run Disk cleanup. then retry Windows shrink.
    How to:

    PS what I had to do with wife's "store" bought computer.
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