How to remove antenna from belkin wireless modem

I have a Hawking Wifi Signal Booster. Im suppose to unscrew the antenna on my Belkin wireless router to screw/attach the Signal booster. Problem is the Belkin wireless modems antenna will not unscrew. Please help
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  1. This is an all too common problem w/ Belkin wireless routers (particularly the older, low end models, e.g, F5D7230-4 and F5D7231-4). They sometimes use UNREMOVABLE antennas. Don't ask me why, it's dumb, but it's one of the reasons I avoid Belkin.
  2. Only read this if you (or a friend) is competent with soldering.

    You'll need to open the Belkin's case and release the lead connecting the antenna to the circuit board. Then remove the antenna from the case. Remove the plug from the new antenna and strip back the wire so that you can affix it to the circuit board.

    Alternatively, buy a better router and you may not need the booster.
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