HD4670 on dell optiplex 960

I installed an hd4670 graphics card and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit put in the generic driver,then windows update put in another driver the one from ati.there is a newer driver out on the amd site ,but when i try to install it i get the bsod.

any help would be awesome!
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    I had the same problem as well, however, try this.
    First uninstall the drivers, restart the pc, dl the drivers from ati/amd or omega. It should work. If you still get the blue screen then its cause theres a file from x64 which is conflicting with your graphic card drivers. You will have to block it with your firewall. I used comodo and stopped it. Haven't seen a blue screen since.
  2. i found the was in my bios under video.i had to uncheck auto!
    thanks for the tip anyways!
  3. happy to help :)
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